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Thrillist Predicts Modmarket World Domination

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Popular lifestyle site Thrillist.com just published a list of 12 restaurant concepts they feel may someday dominate the world, and guess who made the list? That’s right! We are extremely honored that Thrillist and writer Dan Gentile think that highly of us.

World domination sounds pretty darn good to us, so this inclusion means a lot. We are growing steadily throughout Colorado, will soon open our Denver International Airport location and will expand into the Dallas-Fort Worth area this summer. There will be lots of excitement in 2014. Imagine what the years to come will bring!

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Our Real Food Philosophy

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There are such things as healthy fats. There is a way to make red meat good for you. And salt is not always our enemy.

These philosophies all funnel into a simple, nutritious and healthy way of eating. It is called the real food “diet”, and we at Modmarket are strong proponents. I hate to even call it a diet, because it is not limiting or hindering in really any way, and it is quite honestly the way we should be living. Eating the real food way is as simple as it sounds – choosing unprocessed foods direct from nature. And preparing those foods in very simple ways, too, like baking, boiling, steaming or grilling, is a big part of the whole concept. It is the way it was done hundreds of years ago.


A couple articles recently published capture the essence of the real food way of eating. The Atlantic compared several popular diets – low carb, low fat, low glycemic, Mediterranean, Paleolithic, etc. – and concluded that eating real food is not only the best way to eat, but it combines all the great things about each of the diets studied. The article also explains that eating a balanced real food diet diminishes much of our concern over nutrient, fat and salt intake.

“‘If you eat food direct from nature…you don’t even need to think about this. You don’t have to worry about trans fat or saturated fat or salt—most of our salt comes from processed food, not the salt shaker. If you focus on real food, nutrients tend to take care of themselves,’” quotes The Atlantic of Dr. David Katz, practicing physician and researcher at Yale University’s Prevention Research Center.

Along a similar vein, The New York Times “Butter is Back” article by Mark Bittman discussed a recent study that found “there’s just no evidence to support the notion that saturated fat increases the risk of heart disease. (In fact, there’s some evidence that a lack of saturated fat may be damaging.)” 


So all that processed spray-on butter, cool whip and really anything labeled “low fat” is hopefully going the way of the dinosaur and being replaced with actual butter, quality, humanely raised meat and plant-based foods. Bittman puts it well when he summarizes, “‘eat real food’ and ‘avoid anything that didn’t exist 100 years ago.’”

The real food approach is a very simple way of eating. It gets far away from what unfortunately became an extremely complicated science experiment on our foods, and gets us back to how things should and used to be. And the best part is, it tastes amazing.


The Mod Family

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You’re familiar with the farm fresh foods, simple, modern interiors, and big growth plans, but what is Modmarket really? I had the pleasure of joining the team recently, and after a whirlwind couple weeks I can answer that question better than ever. But for you to truly understand how this company ticks – and how it ticks particularly for you – I have to start from the beginning.


Most official job offers are just that, official. Mine was, too, but it was the email subject line that stopped me in my tracks and still has me thinking. “Want to help us change the world?” Um, yes please! Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to make a difference? Now if that doesn’t tell you something about Modmarket’s philosophies and dreams, I don’t know what does.


Then there were my first two days at work. You’re probably thinking I filled out paperwork and learned my way to the bathroom. Nope! I joined a group of 12 on an LA trip to check out concepts Rob and Anthony feel are doing great work and share Modmarket’s real food philosophies. (This was the second of two groups that took this trip, by the way.) That’s right! Spending quality time with my extremely dedicated new coworkers, the beach and lots of amazing, nutritious food was my first intro into the company. Not a bad first two days on the job, eh?

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As I sat in the back of a minivan whizzing through the streets of Santa Monica, I asked myself, “What kind of company would organize a trip like this for its employees? What kind of owners would not only plan this trip but also tour-guide it from beginning to end, driving from stop to stop narrating the entire way? And what, aside from competitive research, do they want us to get out of it?” Spending just a few minutes within our restaurants or talking to our employees, these answers all become clear. 

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Modmarket is the kind of concept that exists solely for its employees and the nourishment of its guests. It’s the kind of concept that wants so badly to feed the world real foods, it will invest time and money in its employees to learn and study it. It’s the kind of restaurant group that believes whole nutrition is the key to health and happiness, and that it’s their mission to spread the word and supply the sustenance.

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As I sit here just nine days into my new job, I’m very excited about being a part of a group that’s out to change the world. I reflect on the trip – all I learned and the great people I traveled with. Seems kind of like a family to me. A family determined to bring good food that’s good for you to the country and someday even the world. 


We’re Mad about Madhava

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madhava-1 madhava-2 madhava-3We recently had the pleasure of sitting down for lunch with Debbie Carosella, the CEO of Madhava based in Longmont.   Modmarket uses Madhava’s agave nectar in a number of recipes, but most notable are our delicious, from-scratch salad dressings, many of which used to use honey.  This switch has made almost all of Modmarket’s dressings vegan.  

Madhava was actually the first company to introduce agave nectar to the American market ten years ago.  Their nectar is produced exclusively from the blue agave plant, which is grown primarily in the hilly dessert regions of the north-western Mexican state of Jalisco.  The inner hearts, or “piñas” of the agave plants are hand harvested, using special tools, in a labor intensive process. The piñas are transported to a processing facility, where they are heated to extract the natural agave juices, or “aguamiel”.  The juice is then filtered to create agave nectar or syrup. The agave nectar has the natural solids removed through a fine filtration process.  The final result is all-natural, vegan, non-gmo verified and delicious! Madhava travels frequently to Mexico to ensure that their agave is both organically grown and sustainably farmed, making it a perfect fit for Modmarket.  

While from a health standpoint one of the absolute best things you can do is to cut down on ALL simple sugars – including even natural sweeteners like agave, honey, or maple syrup – agave does have some health benefits.  Because it is naturally 1.4 times sweeter than sugar, we can use a lot less which reduces overall calories.   It also has a lower glycemic index than many other sweeteners, meaning it will have a lower impact on raising blood-sugar levels.  

It was great to learn about the dedication to sustainability that Madhava embraces throughout their business.  Modmarket is thrilled to have a partnership with a local company that shares so many of our own ideals.  Stop by and try one of our incredible dressings soon, like the new agave herb. We think you’ll agree the results of this partnership are delicious indeed.

Best Yelp Review Ever?

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Owning restaurants creates a love/hate relationship with Yelp.  I actually don’t mind the occasional bad review when we really dropped the ball, but the 3 star review when they said everything was perfect can be frustrating.  Then you get a review like the one below, and you remember why it is great to give customers a public forum where they can talk about your company!  Hats off to our Glendale team for delivering such a great customer experience.

If I could give it 12 stars, I would. ModMarket was recommended to me by all four people in my office, who are all clean eaters & Paleos. I had to see for myself.

I’ve only ordered two things from there: the roasted chicken with vegetables and salad or rice, and a Margherita pizza with gluten free crust, vegan cheese, and pepperoni. 

Both were absolutely delicious, and so flavorful that I literally said mid-bite of the chicken, “How the HELL do they make this stuff???” 
Delicious food that is nutritious and not full of pesticides, GMOs, or preservatives. Just real, fresh food made to order. And, as a girl who is highly intolerant of gluten & dairy, it’s great knowing exactly what is in my food, AND getting to eat a freshly-baked pizza again. 

I’ve only taken my food to go each time, but the restaurant environment is nice and aesthetically pleasing… plus, my food is always ready on time. I plan on coming here again and again, until I can try everything on their menu. I’m also shanghaiing every person I know to try it out, because the world should know such places exist.

Looking to hire a chief storyteller

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We are looking for a chief storyteller  to help tell our tale of amazing, healthy food across a variety of platforms and to as many people as possible.  

We are biased towards using technology as the main communication medium [social media, website, email marketing, our receipts (amazingly useful, full customizable content management system)] however, we also want someone who can come up with creative ways to engage directly in the community (events, partnerships, local store marketing, etc) and even some more traditional marketing tactics (direct mail, coupon books, etc).  
Public relations experience/knowledge is useful as is a creative mind for thinking about how to engage local communities as we expand into new markets.  
We are a very small team so the right person has to be comfortable owning ideas and projects from start to finish and wearing many different hats.  A love for tiny budgets, creative freedom and healthy living wouldn’t hurt either.  A belief that you can help change the world is required.