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Bettering Beverages

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A lot of thought goes into which beverages pair best with the flavor and freshness of our food. We want drinks with the cleanest ingredient lists possible that also taste great – not the easiest thing to find, mind you. Thus began our beverage hunt around this time last year. Several companies, many samples (we ran out of room in our office fridge) and lots of opinions later we’ve made a few changes we think make our beverage selection even more superb and distinctive.

Probiotics that help aid in a healthy gut? We’ve got it!

Natural flavors with less sugar and no preservatives? Yup! Got that too!

We are thrilled to say we now serve kombucha and Spindrift natural sodas in all our restaurants. If you’re not yet familiar with these amazing drinks, let me bend your ear.


It’s a fizzy, probiotic tea with loads of vitamins and detoxification properties that cleanse the body and support a healthy immune system. The ingredients are simple: tea + water + SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, a fermenting culture made from previous batches). Kombucha can be found in an array of flavors. We rotate them regularly so you get the opportunity to try a bunch.

We’re honored to partner with Denver’s Happy Leaf Kombucha and Fort Worth’s Holy Kombucha to bring you these tasty beverages.




This natural soda was started by a self-proclaimed Diet Coke addict who was looking for a healthier soda option for himself and family.

The best way to describe Spindrift? “America’s first soda made with fresh squeezed ingredients.”

They start with triple purified sparkling water, fresh squeezed fruit or berry puree and a dash of cane juice. You won’t find syrups, juice concentrates, additives or preservatives. This simple concoction yields a light and refreshing soda. Truly delicious!

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We urge you to give these new beverages a try. Your life will be forever changed!

Scarborough Farms, Greetings and Salutations

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Join us in welcoming a new farm to our table: Scarborough Farms.

We’ve had a crush on their greens for a while now and have been waiting until the time was right to profess our love. The moons finally aligned, and we can now proudly say we serve Scarborough Farms spring mix, arugula and spinach in most of our restaurants.

“We’ve been infatuated with Scarborough Farms’ greens ever since we first tasted them on a research trip to California three years ago,” explains Chef Nate. “So when the opportunity arose to partner with Scarborough, we jumped at the chance.”

Their spring mix, arugula and spinach are incredibly vibrant and flavor packed – the kind of fresh flavor that jumps off the plate. We feel good knowing everything is grown with small-scale European agricultural techniques that sustainably take care of the land.

“With fresh greens at the heart of so much of our food, I believe our whole menu has gotten a big boost in flavor as the result of partnering with this great company,” adds Chef Nate.

Find Scarborough greens in our Colorado locations now. Our Texas restaurants are not far behind.

Scarborough Greens_Fork

You can take the man out of the Marines, but you can’t take the Marines out of the man 

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Today we presented very special, custom-made aprons to our restaurant leaders and catering teams as part of our new uniform rollout. Our Texas market coach, Peter Stewart, incorporated his own person flair to his apron ceremony. A U.S. Marine, Peter’s presentation was very reminiscent of a military ceremony – without all the formal pomp and circumstance. Not only did his team get a kick out of it (watch for the giggles while they’re trying to stay in formation), they felt very honored by the process. 

Check out Peter’s fun ceremony:



Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

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This time we’re the winner and we have the (airplane) wings to prove it.

Our chicken supplier, Red Bird Farms, is placing an ad in Southwest Airlines’ in-flight magazine and we’re featured! Modmarket is taking to the friendly skies, folks. Look for the ad on your next flight.

Being included in a national ad campaign is thrilling and all, but it’s really all about the chicken. We are proud to serve Red Bird chicken in our restaurants because, just like the ad says, it’s what real chicken tastes like. And there’s no added antibiotics ever or animal by-products. It’s just good, clean chicken. And that’s the way we like it.

SW Ad Vertical 7.7.15






Live Music, Date Night & Yoga

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Our Glendale, Cherry Hills and Longmont, Colo. locations have been rockin’ lately, and it’s not just because of our Rocket Egg breakfast sandwich. Nope, this summer they’re hosting a series of activities that have their neighborhoods abuzz.

Every Friday and Saturday evenings, enjoy live patio music and a date night offer for you and your honey. Then join us every Saturday morning for a FREE and refreshing yoga class on the patio. Live music at night and yoga in the morning. Sounds like the perfect Colorado weekend.


11745637_10153002733963342_7355143469472301448_nYoga Details:

**Update: Glendale yoga classes have been canceled.**

Yoga classes are provided by Harmony Yoga, Greenwood Athletic Club and Full Circle, and they are open to yogis of all levels. Snacks and coupons are provided after class! 
– Cherry Hills – 9-10 a.m.
– Longmont – 9-10 a.m.

We’re in quite a pickle

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Partnering with McClure’s put us in quite a pickle, but only in the very best way!

This family owned business has been our premium pickle partner since they were about three years old. It wasn’t easy (nearly impossible actually) to find pickles that didn’t include additives or preservatives, but we found McClure’s and have worked closely with them to offer only the very best pickle.

They have adjusted their recipe at least five times to meet our need for bulk pickles. They have changed their operation to include pickle sizing. And they have sourced a very specially sized pickle to make sure every pickle we put on your plate looks great and is consistent with your neighbor’s. To say they have gone above and beyond to meet our needs is an understatement. They should win pickle partner of the year, in our opinion!

Watch their story below. It will make you crave their pickles, but that’s okay. We have jars and jars of them at our restaurants and we give them away for free with every sandwich!



Southlake now open

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013 Front Image

And then there were 13. Modmarkets that is. We opened for business today in bustling Southlake, Texas. Come beat the 100 degree heat and stop by for some farm fresh fare this week.

Find us in the new Park Village shopping center across from REI at 1161 E. Southlake Blvd.