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So long frozen, hello fresh

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Oh the times they are a-changin’. And thank goodness!! Who ever wanted to eat frozen meals anyway?

As Annie Gasparro of The Wall Street Journal reported last Thursday, Americans are shifting away from the once ever so popular frozen food. The “square meal” went mainstream in the 1950s with TV dinners and frozen pizzas but began a slow nosedive nearly 10 years ago. Customers started demanding fresh food, and health minded restaurants and grocery stores began popping up across the country.

When we learn about ingrained habit changes like this, we can not help but be proud. Modmarket and our guests are part of this shift. We are the crowd that demands fresh, real, whole foods. It is a great feeling to be part of the solution.

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The battle for real food

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War for Real Food

Esther Cepeda of The Washington Post recently published an article – “We are losing the war for real food” – that got me thinking about how far Modmarket, other farm fresh restaurants, our guests and all the real food champions out there have taken the war for real food. Being in the real food industry in a very food-aware state like Colorado, it can often seem like we are winning the battle. I personally see people learn about the benefits of sustainable food on a daily basis.

It is very easy to forget, however, the points Cepeda brings up in the article:

1. Most public schools across the country are still serving processed lunches and sugary snacks and drinks

2. Many health educators are still teaching to the USDA’s 22-year-old food guide pyramid

3. High sugar “Go-Gurt” is being considered a “healthy” alternative to fresh apple slices in McDonald’s Happy Meals

4. Senior citizens and others needing to enhance their caloric intake are still being given supplement drinks, many of which can be likened to “‘liquid candy bars with vitamins’”

No wonder Cepeda is concerned and frustrated. But I am still holding out hope. Because I have the pleasure of providing farm fresh food to Coloradans (and soon Texans and eventually the rest of the country) every day, I see the tides changing. We still have a long way to go and many socioeconomic and geographic barriers to break down. I think this is a battle that has just begun and ultimately the real food proponents will prevail.

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We care a lot about the meat we serve

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Creekstone 2

Our steaks are now Creekstone Farms Natural Black Angus, which are certified humanely raised and hormone and antibiotic free. What does that mean for you?

  • No Antibiotics – EVER!

  • No Added Hormones – EVER!

  • No Growth Promoting Drugs – EVER!

  • No Artificial Ingredients – EVER!

  • 100% Vegetarian Diet

  • Sourced Verified to Ranch of Birth

  • Humane Animal Handling Practices Created by Leading Animal Welfare Expert  Dr. Temple Grandin

The added time and work involved in raising cattle using these guidelines produces a more expensive product, but we are committed to offering high quality beef despite costs.

“The only reason we are able to consume so much beef in this country is because the cost is kept low due to unsustainable and inhumane farming practices,” explains Modmarket co-founder Anthony Pigliacampo. “We do not want to further support this cycle, even if it means losing customers because our beef menu items are more expensive than at other restaurants. Our solution to the problem of expensive beef is to eat less of it. We would much rather have the highest quality beef once a week than a low quality product every day.”


We’re tops in our industry

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We are quite honored to be named No. 7 on the “2014 Fast Casual Top 100 Movers & Shakers” list! This is our first time on the coveted fast casual industry scroll, so making it on, let alone into the top 10, is both surprising and exciting.

Top-100One of our co-founders, Anthony Pigliacampo, was also named to Fast Casual’s “Top People” list coming in at No. 10 out of 25. I feel it is important to add that anytime one of our founders is recognized for their Modmarket accomplishments, the other one should be, too. Rob McColgan shares the “Top People” ranking alongside Anthony.

Top-PeopleOur Modmarket family – staff and guests – is to thank for this acknowledgement. Without their support, our farm fresh philosophies, growth potential, and sustainable design approach would all be inconsequential.

Modmarket Highlands Ranch Opens Friday, May 23

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008 Opening Pics


We are extremely pleased to be opening our first Highlands Ranch location this Friday, May 23. It is our eighth Colorado restaurant, and it joins others in Longmont, Boulder, Denver and surrounding communities. 

On grand opening day, the first 50 guests in line will each receive a $25 Modmarket gift card. Various prizes, including a one month free supply of popchips, IM=X Pilates Highlands Ranch gift certificates, yoga mats and other healthy living items, will also be awarded throughout the day to those who register at the restaurant.

“The Highlands Ranch community is made up of active, health conscious families and professionals who value the same things we do – delicious, affordable, healthy food served in a nice environment,” explains Anthony Pigliacampo, Modmarket co-founder. “They have graciously welcomed us and seem just as excited as we are to be serving their neighborhood.”

Modmarket Highlands Ranch Contact:
537 W. Highlands Ranch Parkway



A chance to eat free food and help us train

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Register Now

Help us train our team at the new Modmarket in Highlands Ranch!

We are organizing a series of training sessions Tuesday, May 20 and Wednesday, May 21 and need your help in providing “live fire” rehearsals for our new staff. The menu will be slightly limited, but the food and drink will be completely FREE!

Each session has a limited number of spaces, so sign up now.


Note, you can register for only one event, and all attendees will need their own unique reservation.

Our training sessions will also double as a fundraiser for The Kitchen Community. A $5 donation at the register is suggested and 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit the organization.

Additionally, we are excited to have Tesla Motors as our special guest during the May 21 dinner sessions. They will provide free test rides to attendees!

We can’t wait to show you our beautiful new restaurant and feed you some delicious food!


Meet Our Spring Menu Lineup

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Today we introduced our spring menu lineup! Nine new seasonal items have been added to the roster and are replacing our winter dishes. Additionally, for the first time in Modmarket history, fish is a menu option.

Spring Lineup

Spring menu additions include:

Sandwiches (Replacing Sweet Potato Goat and Red Chicken Melt)

  • The Sonora – Spiced roasted sweet potato, grilled leeks, jicama lime slaw, green onion vinaigrette on ciabatta
  • Salmon Club – Citrus grilled wild caught Alaskan salmon, bacon aioli, fresh basil, tomato, arugula on multigrain

Pizza (Replacing Smoky Chorizo)

  • Spicy Rooster – Peanut mango, sriracha marinated chicken, three-cheese blend, red bell peppers, green onions, peanuts, Thai basil, cilantro

Salads (Replacing Winter Cobb)

  • Roasted Beet – Roasted red and golden beets, pickled shallots, feta, pepitas, lemon maple vinaigrette over spinach

  • Salmon Niçoise – Citrus grilled wild caught Alaskan salmon, sugar snap peas, kalamata olives, red onions, roasted potato, hardboiled egg, lemon maple vinaigrette over mixed greens

Soups (Replacing Tuscan White Bean and Potato Leek)

  • Curry Yellow Split Pea – Onion, carrot, celery, garlic, tomato, yellow split pea, curry, coconut milk, vegetable stock, sea salt, pepper, fresh basil, bay leaf, olive oil

  • Broccoli Cheddar – Broccoli, potato, onion, cheddar, celery, garlic, parsnips, spinach, shallots, rosemary, oregano, salt, pepper, water, cream, bay leaf, lemon juice, olive oil

Sides (Replacing Broccolini and Mediterranean Quinoa Salad)

  • Garlic Sugar Snap Peas – Roasted sugar snap peas, garlic, thyme

  • Jicama Lime Slaw – Jicama, carrots, cabbage, chili lime vinaigrette

“We like to keep our menu fresh and as seasonal as possible,” explains Anthony Pigliacampo, Modmarket co-founder. “Not only do we get tired of eating the same thing day in and day out, we know our guests do too. And as seasons change, we prefer to adapt our menu based on readily available ingredients. It helps us stay current and gives our guests a variety of new foods and flavors to try.   

“I am very excited about our spring menu items, especially the introduction of salmon,” continues Pigliacampo. “We have never offered seafood before, but between our own interest, sourcing the best seasonal salmon and sustained guest requests, we decided this was the season to do it. There is truly something for everyone in this rollout, from spicy to citrus to sweet. I think customers will be just as pleased as we are.”

Pop over to our menu to learn more about these new dishes and their ingredients: