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A love letter to Flower Mound

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Dear Flower Mound,

When people questioned why we were opening in Flower Mound, we always responded that it reminded us of all the communities we serve in Colorado – young, vibrant and passionate about great food.  Our first few days open have confirmed that this is indeed the case!

You welcomed us with open arms, open hearts and hungry tummies. Your enthusiasm during trial dining week created lines out the door and down the block, and you helped us raise nearly $4,000 for our nonprofit partner The Kitchen Community. Then the doors officially opened for business, and you came…in droves! 

I am actually sitting in the back of our Flower Mound store on this rainy Friday afternoon writing this letter to you and watching your residents quickly fill the restaurant table by table. I am ecstatic about this turnout and love seeing familiar faces – we are already converting some of you to regulars! (I am also typing faster and faster in order to vacate my table so a hungry guest can sit down!)

We are so very thankful to you for embracing us as you have. We cannot think of a better place to have opened outside our home state. It is a great feeling to call Flower Mound and Texas our new home away from home.

 So thankful to be serving you delicious, healthy food,

 Beth and the Modmarket crew


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Hey, Dallas! Join us for FREE food next week in Flower Mound.

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Register Now


Help us train our team at the new Modmarket in Flower Mound, Texas!

We are organizing a series of training sessions Tuesday, Sept. 2 through Saturday, Sept. 6 and need your help providing “live fire” rehearsals for our new staff. The menu will be slightly limited, but the food and drink will be completely FREE! Each session has a limited number of spaces, so sign up now.


You can register for only one event, and all attendees will need their own unique reservation. Our training sessions will also double as a fundraiser for The Kitchen Community. A $5 donation at the register is suggested and 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit the organization. We cannot wait to show you our beautiful new restaurant and feed you some delicious food!


Modmarket is a Colorado-based farm fresh eatery opening its first out-of-state location in Flower Mound, Texas. Established by two friends who believe fast food can be good food, Modmarket serves healthy, delicious and affordable food in beautiful environments. From salads, soups and sandwiches to pizzas, homestyle plates and breakfast, all entrees are made from scratch using fresh, quality ingredients that can be traced back to farms. Modmarket was named by Thrillist in 2014 as one of 12 small chain eateries poised to be the next “Chipotle.”

Modmarket to Open Four Eateries in Dallas Area

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Let’s make it official! Eating healthy in Dallas is about to get easier thanks to Modmarket and our plans to open four restaurants in Dallas over the next nine months.


The first restaurant opens in Flower Mound (3651 Justin Road) in early September, followed by Plano (8400 Preston Road) in October, Preston Hollow (7949 Walnut Hill Lane in the Preston Hollow Village Complex) in January 2015 and Southlake (corner of Southlake Blvd. and Carrol Ave.) in early 2015.


Anthony Pigliacampo says expanding into Dallas is a natural progression for the company.  “The Dallas market is ripe for restaurants catering to folks who crave fresh, natural and wholesome ingredients. Our philosophy reigns true in Denver, Dallas or wherever you live: When you put good things in your body, you feel better. It’s that simple.”


“Our goal is to serve affordable, clean food that people feel good about purchasing and makes them feel great,” adds Pigliacampo. “Our farm-to-everyone mindset means every meal is made from fresh, thoughtfully sourced ingredients and only costs around $10.”

2014 Summer of Cycling

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We are a proud sponsor of the 2014 USA Pro Challenge – Boulder Stage. There are countless activities and events leading up to, during and even after the day the pros roll through Boulder on Aug. 24. Check out the schedule and enjoy this amazing summer of cycling!


Closed July 4th

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We like to BBQ just as much as you do.  See you on the 5th.

Modmarket Movers & Shakers: Alex Walsh, Training Coordinator

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Alex HeadshotAlex Walsh began working for Modmarket in late 2011 literally the day after moving from Oregon to Colorado. He did not know much about the concept, but he really enjoyed working in food service. During his orientation with now General Manager Jon Decker, Alex could tell “this was a special place to be” and knew he had made the right decision.

From supervisor to kitchen manager to assistant manager and just recently to training coordinator, Alex worked up within the Modmarket ranks and is now part of the central support team as of April 2014.

How did he do it? What advice does he have for others interested in growing with Modmarket? And what, after all these years, is his favorite Modmarket meal? Read on to learn more about Training Coordinator Alex Walsh: 

Q: What do you like best about your new position?

A: It allows for a different type of brain exercise. Getting to look at many different parts of our company and how they all relate to each other while not deal with a crazy lunch rush every day is amazing. Getting to be on the front lines of tightening up our systems for developing the great people we find  is very rewarding.

Q: What do you like best about working at Modmarket?

A: The constant state of change and evolution. I remember talking with Co-founder Anthony Pigliacampo back in 2012, and he said that if we were not willing to change anything and everything about how we do things we would have never opened a second location. It is really great to work for a company that encourages its employees to reflect on how and why we do the things we do and voice our opinions. And it is all in the spirit of making things better.

Q: What do you think makes Modmarket stand out among its competitors?

A: The amazing food is a no-brainer. But the team actually cares about the product they put out, whether it is the made-from-scratch food, the cleanliness of our restaurants, or the customer service. It is easy to do one of those things, but to put it all together and delivery the quality we do really sets us apart. The race is not even close when you compare Modmarket to other fast casual concepts.

Q: If another team member wanted to move up within the company, what advice would you give them?

A: Look at every day or shift as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn something new, get better at something you are already proficient at, or fail and learn from the failure. We only have so much that we can control, and if you take care of those things you will always be headed in the right direction.

Q: What is your favorite Modmarket meal?

A: The Thai Chicken sandwich, if I had to choose. It has spiciness, sweetness, great texture and peanut mango dressing. I always get an extra peanut mango dressing because one is never enough! 

Q: What are your favorite off-duty activities?

A: I am a huge fan of stand-up comedy, especially live shows. I also am a basketball fan. Go Blazers! But sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. Just sit around, watch movies and veg out! 

Q: What is your favorite movie?

A: “Chuck, I had a double burger!” Hands down, “Good Will Hunting”. 

Q: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A: When I was twelve I wanted nothing more than to be a corporate lawyer. I had no idea what they did, but it sounded important. Either that, or a professional baseball player.

So long frozen, hello fresh

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Oh the times they are a-changin’. And thank goodness!! Who ever wanted to eat frozen meals anyway?

As Annie Gasparro of The Wall Street Journal reported last Thursday, Americans are shifting away from the once ever so popular frozen food. The “square meal” went mainstream in the 1950s with TV dinners and frozen pizzas but began a slow nosedive nearly 10 years ago. Customers started demanding fresh food, and health minded restaurants and grocery stores began popping up across the country.

When we learn about ingrained habit changes like this, we can not help but be proud. Modmarket and our guests are part of this shift. We are the crowd that demands fresh, real, whole foods. It is a great feeling to be part of the solution.

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