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Meet our new seasonal offerings

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IMG_4179Our new winter menu is finally here and it is all about healthy, sustainable and hearty!

Soba noodles are a first for us and the base ingredient in the tasty Coconut Citrus Soba Noodle dish – great as a side item or as a meal for the kiddos. We also use shiitake and crimini mushrooms to create new savory pizza and salad winter options – both a must to get you through the season. And guest favorites Red Chicken Melt, Tomato Basil soup and Cashew Butternut Squash soup are back just in time for cool winter temps.

“The winter menu celebrates mushrooms, with two new menu items featuring hand-cut shiitake and crimini mushrooms,” explains Chef Nate Weir. “Highly sustainable – they grow in almost any setting – and seasonally delicious, mushrooms are packed with health benefits. Studies show shiitake mushrooms support our immune system, which is especially important in the winter. Shiitakes can also help prevent cardiovascular disease and are one of the best dietary non-animal sources of bioavailable iron, which is great for vegetarians.”

“We introduced soba noodles not only because they taste great and are good for you, but also because they are an excellent choice this time of year – in Japan, they are traditionally eaten on New Years Eve,” continues Chef Nate. “Studies show we tend to eat more during cold months. As temperatures drop, many begin to crave foods higher in carbohydrates and fat, like pasta and baked goods. Light but satisfying, soba noodles are a good source of fiber and protein, and can help fill you up and help you feel full longer. They also contain only about half the calories and fat of the same amount of regular white spaghetti noodles.”  

Meet Our Winter Menu Items:


  • Coconut Citrus Soba Noodles – This Homestyle Plate side and Happy & Healthy Kids menu option offers a light, nutty flavor and great texture from the buckwheat soba noodles and coconut. Crisp red cabbage, carrot, scallion, cilantro, mint, sesame and ginger add a light crunch, while the citrus vinaigrette keeps the dish bright.


  • Wild Mushroom Pizza - The perfect winter pizza, this hearty and rich entree offers the classic flavor pairing of seared wild mushrooms and gorgonzola. A crème fraîche base brings the flavors together, while red onion and wilted arugula provide bright color and a peppery flavor.


  • Mushroom Pear Salad – This fresh salad also features seared wild shiitake and crimini mushrooms roasted with oil and seasoning. Hand shaved bartlett pear adds a slight sweet, crisp flavor, while goat cheese provides a creamy texture and pecans offer a nutty crunch.


  • Red Chicken Melt - A seasonal favorite, this spicy sandwich contains hormone and antibiotic free chicken salad that is light and healthier than traditional chicken salad. Smoky, spicy, vibrant southwestern flavors come from a unique pepita pesto, aged white cheddar, tomato and mixed greens on a ciabatta bun.


  • Tomato Basil Soup – Another popular seasonal item, the Tomato Basil soup has returned. Gluten free and vegetarian, this creamy tomato soup includes onion, celery, garlic, basil, sea salt, black pepper, cream, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and tabasco.


  • Cashew Butternut Soup – This savory winter soup uses Colorado butternut squash and has a creamy texture from pureed cashews. Gluten free, vegan and dairy free, the soup also contains onion, carrot, parsnips, celery, garlic, shallot, sage, sea salt, black pepper, lemon juice, bay leaf, parsley and tomato paste.


Give health and happiness this year, and make $5

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Show your friends and family just how much you love them by giving the best gift money can buy – health and happiness – and get a little something extra for your own health and taste buds this year.

Stop by any Modmarket location to purchase your gift cards. The offer is not available online, unfortunately.

Happy holidays!

Anthony + Rob

Meet Christina Carmichael

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DSCF9757_ChristinaCarmichael_webA restaurant veteran with an unbelievable work ethic and interest in good food! That is Christina Carmichael, our new general manager (GM) at the Glendale, Colo. location.


Christina has been with us since June 2014 and has held the assistant general manager and now general manager roles. She initially came to us for the food and has stayed for the people! Learn more about Christina below:


Q: How did you come to work at Modmarket? What initially interested you?

A: The food! I ate at Modmarket for the first time with my two sons and we all loved it. The food alone is enough to draw you into Modmarket, but now that I love the culture and people they are what keep me here.


Q: What about your new position are you most looking forward to?

A: I am excited to lead the next  “generation” of Modmarketeers. We have so many great people who love Modmarket and are interested in growing with our organization. The best part of my job as a GM is to help realize the potential of all these great people.


Q: What do you think makes Modmarket stand out among its competitors?

We really do care. There is a lot of talk about focusing on food – where it comes from and what it means to eat certain things. I am proud to be part of a company that has made that the No. 1 priority since the beginning.


Q: If another team member wanted to move up within the company, what advice would you give?

Keep doing what you’re doing. Hard work and personality are seen here. Leadership does a great job of recognizing staff that shares our ideals and puts their all into helping us share them with others.


Q: What is your favorite Modmarket meal?

Half 3-cheese pizza and a side of arugula salad. I believe that simple food done well is the best food there is, and this meal is a great example of that at Modmarket.


Q: What are your favorite off-duty activities?

Hiking and camping with my family. There is no point in being in Colorado if you’re not going to take advantage of what it has to offer.


Q: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be everything. So many things were new and exciting. However, a restaurateur was not one of them. I started working in restaurants in college – three jobs so I could pay tuition and bills. Something about restaurants – the pace and the people – made me want to stay. The work ethic is unmatched. When I graduated college, I stayed because I loved the industry.

Modmarket Hearts Yelp

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For those of you who do not know the story, Yelp has been with us from the beginning. When first starting out, Anthony and Rob used Yelp as Modmarket’s litmus test, as our marketing tool and as our customer service rep. They gauged guests’ food opinions based off of Yelp reviews. They addressed and fixed issues based off of Yelp reviews. And they interacted with guests through Yelp reviews. It was a huge part of how they ran the business, and it still is today. Even now, Anthony tries to reply to each and every Yelp review, good or bad.

So when we receive reviews like the following from Rick B. in Flower Mound, Texas, our hearts sing. Rick picked up on what we are trying to accomplish with fresh, simple food and captured it beautifully in his review. Thank you, Rick, and all you other Yelpers out there. Without you, we would not be what we are today.


Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.06.43 AM

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Plano: Home Sweet Home

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Plano Now Open


Today was grand opening day at the newest Modmarket in Plano, Texas, but thanks to the hospitality we received last week during our soft opening, it felt like a homecoming.

More than 1,000 guests got a sneak peek at our farm fresh fare, and they liked what they tasted.

“We were very impressed. Delicious food, great service, happy tummies!” – Kim C.

Wow! Went to my first Modmarket in Plano this week and had a great dining experience. We enjoyed the fresh, well prepared, and healthy food. “ - Liz V.

“I visited the Plano location this week during the soft launch, and I have to say – I’m a big fan! The staff was friendly, the food was fantastic, and the atmosphere is just what this neighborhood needs.” – Kayla B.

We are overflowing with gratitude and pride just reading these comments!

And to top it off, we had a very successful fundraiser during the soft opening for North Texas Food Bank. Nearly $2,000 was raised, which means close to 6,000 meals will be provided to those in need. Thank you, Plano, for helping make this possible.

If you live in the Plano area, stop in for a visit. We would love to share the Modmarket experience with you!






Dallasites, join us for free food next week in Plano! Register now.

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Trial Dining FloMo


Help us train our team at the new Modmarket in Plano, Texas!

We are organizing a series of training sessions Monday, Oct. 20 through Thursday, Oct. 23 and need your help providing “live fire” rehearsals for our new staff. The menu may be slightly limited, but the food and drink will be completely FREE!

Each session has a limited number of spaces, so sign up now.


You can register for only one event, and all attendees will need their own unique reservation.

Our training sessions will also double as a fundraiser for North Texas Food Bank. A $5 donation at the register is suggested and 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit the organization.

We cannot wait to show you our beautiful new restaurant and share our delicious food!



A new era in pizza dough

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After three months and 12 iterations of the same recipe, we have updated our pizza dough! The new dough is now being made and served in all locations.

“We had a very simple desire to offer an even better pizza,” explains Chef Nate Weir. “We wanted to serve pizza that could compete with any out there. And not just pizza from other fast casuals, but pizza from higher end pizzerias. All the right pieces were already in place: delicious recipes, high quality ingredients, made-in-house dough, excellent prep systems and talented team members who hand-stretch the dough. The only thing missing was a really top shelf dough that would take our pizzas to the next level in taste and visual appeal.”

In just over three months, Chef Nate developed a new dough that sticks with our simple ingredients rule. It is made from scratch using flour, water, sea salt, yeast, extra virgin olive oil and a dash of agave.  The dough uses an overnight preferment, which adds more flavor and strength to the finished dough.

“Visually, the dough gets beautiful color and char during cooking,” continues Chef Nate. “It has a much more pronounced cornicione, which is the puffy outer rim of a pizza. I liken it to a cross between a neapolitan and New York style dough: crispy and chewy when you first bite in, totally foldable, but very light and airy at the same time. The flavor is distinct and delicious, a little bready with a hint of sourdough, with an almost sweet, wheaty punch – and extra nutrition – from stone-ground whole wheat flour.”

The new pizza dough is now in all Modmarket locations.